Tuesday, November 02, 2010

AdVerve 52: American Typographica

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America-inspired graphic designer, compulsive truth-teller and typography stickler Aaron Draplin (@draplin) joins us to talk the real America. And when we say "the real America," we don't just talk politics - although there's a lot of that. We're talking aesthetics. Stories and legends. Abandoned cities. Things we've forgotten. Vivid colours. Real typefaces that leap into your face and are visible from miles away. What a logo should look and feel like.

Aaron even gives us a survey of his favourite state signs.

We wrap with some really good talk about Field Notes, Draplin's own little way of encouraging you to wrap those typing fingers back around a pen. GO GET SOME.

It's a wild ride, dames and gents. A wild, Technicolor ride into the past, and your future, and the past again.

Linky roonies:

- Draplin.com
- Vanilla Bicycles
- Field Notes (for a good time, go for "local pickup")
- Lemonade Detroit
- Aaron on the lost art of signage and lost America
- Bill's Tumblr page which is modeling the Field Notes skin which Aaron knows about, even though he isn't actually sure what Tumblr is.


Noah said...

Aaron Draplin is a complete bad ass. Period.

Jason said...

AAAAAHHHH, less bitching and more information please! You had a perfect opportunity help some of us less-informed folks learn more about typography and instead waste an additional 10 minutes bitching. I LOVE Draplin, but this podcast was total crap.

mtlb said...

The show wasn’t meant as a lesson in typography. They call it a metaphor. Need lessons on descenders? Here you go. Look by appearance, click “not sure” every time and see how much you can learn.

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