Wednesday, September 08, 2010

AdVerve 46 - Social in the South

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Who’s taking Alabama social? The same crowd that brought Little Debbie digital. Luckie & Co.’s David Griner (@griner,, joins us as we talk social in the Deep South, the meaning of transparency, various merits of Alabama, and why you shouldn't tease BP employees on vacation.

It’s a ride. A social southern ride.

Dale Peterson.
Dr Pepper Moms.
The Beach is Calling.
BP employee parody.
FedEx Al.


fairuse said...

This was a keeper show. GREAT stuff.

Howie said...

This show started slow...picked up momentum....and then did a great 1080 mactwist double backflip and then nailed the landing!


Danny Starr said...

Just listened to this show this morning, a bit late but great show. Being from Canada, it was great to hear about Alabama and many of the tourism campaigns happening in BP affected regions. My girlfriend and I have a dream of taking a few weeks to rent a camper van and ride around the south eating BBQ and listening to music (I'm a huge Allman Brothers fan). Listening to the talk at the start of the show only made me want that trip to happen sooner!

Second part of the show on viral videos is good but that was a topic I think you nailed back in August but still great.

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