Sunday, November 14, 2010

AdVerve 54: Monster Media

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Culture journo Carolina Miranda (@cmonstah), the magnificent brains behind, WNYC's Gallerina and the Perfect City documentary, joins us for some high-meets-low culture fun and games. She chats us up about the scariest road in Peru, what she looks for in a would-be tourist attraction, the changing face of compensation and expectations for writers in the tech age, and journalism’s no-fly zone... if it even has one anymore.

Plenty of twists, turns and giggles along the way. Miss it at your inner wanderluster's peril.

Image from Carolina's photo diary: When Classicism Meets the Northern Peruvian Coast.

Linky do-dahs:
- Keith Olbermann gets a mini vaca.
- Carolina on the future of freelance journalism.
- Her Huffpo/Slate response. (Scroll down four or five comments.)
- More scary road fun.


Howie-Shizzle said...

No comments yet? The nerve of everyone listening to this great show and not commenting! I mean Adverve exists for comments. Carolina has been excited to see listener comments since recording the show. But yet Adverve listeners don't have to deal with Advertising to support the show, they get free content, and get to live the Adverve lifestyle. Yet do not participate with comments. World is going to hell in a hand basket.

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