Friday, March 04, 2011

AdVerve 66: Relationships in Advertising

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Dear friend and fellow podcaster Bob Knorpp of the notorious BeanCast (@TheBeanCast) joins us to get intimate about relationships in advertising:
  • How your personal life gets affected by your strange work, weird hours and random traveling
  • How love can bloom in the damnedest ways
  • How a combination of loneliness and drinking can make even the most stalwart ad soldier a slobbering mess of hold-me-closies
  • How intimacy can bloom in many awesome, dangerous or dangerously awesome forms. We talk Father Figure Complex!
  • Prioritising personal + professional time
  • NEPOTISM <-- this is Bill's favourite
The whole thing wraps nahcely with our homegrown takeaway relationships-in-advertising advice. And there’s a few stories in there that as usual will probably get us all into trouble. We live dangerously in these here internets.


Kelly Eidson said...

I really enjoyed this one. Felt like I was hanging out with you guys at a bar. We should try it in real life some time.

Chris Havranek said...

Looking forward to see what the next episode brings us. Last week we had how to find a job, this week we have out to not lose your job, maybe next week will how to build your job into more?

Chris Havranek said...

Wow, shame on me for writing that while carrying on a conversation. Editing is clearly my strong suit at the moment.

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