Wednesday, November 04, 2009

AdVerve - Episode 4 - Trojan wisdom.

It’s a long story. On this, our fourth episode, we discuss about 12 different topics, from reality shows to Facebook moms. Thanks to the 50 people listening, iTunes listed the show as a podcast to watch for in their new releases section. WE WON’T REST ON LAURELS THOUGH. We just won’t. Innovation is our middle name, and we’ll continue to try out different show features. Like? Like including short rants from various ad bloggers we know. (This episode, Jetpacks stops by to vent.) Special thanks to Bob from The Beancast, who bailed us out on the mother of all aural nightmares this past week.

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00:05 – 1. The internet never forgets
06:37 – 2. I need a name for...
13:47 – 3. Starbucks
26:03 – 4. Twitter lists
28:21 – 5. Five minutes with... Jetpacks
33:39 – 6. Scary photos
36:03 – 7. The cause that refreshes
43:14 – 8. Movie losers
49:57 – 9. Martial arts and reality shows
55:41 – 10. Brandus - Greek god of sales
57:32 – 11. Overexposed much?
01:00:44 – 12. Wrap it ta go

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