Friday, November 20, 2009


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Thursday, November 19, 2009

AdVerve - Episode 6 - The French Connection.

Fred. We interview Frédéric-Gérard Leveque for a unique take on the ad scene in Paris and the state of agencies in general.

One point that comes to mind after hearing Fred is that regardless of the solutions he talks about, you realize the problems facing ad agencies in France are things that ad agencies deal with all over the world. WE ARE NOT ALONE.

(BTW, there's a point in the 'cast where we forget the name of a good Swedish agency. Angela says 'Swiss' at the end of the show, but really it's Swedish. The agency we discuss is Farfar.)

Five minutes with... the other half of AdPulp, Danny Goldgeier, or “Danny G,” as he's called on the streets. He talks about getting out of the cubicle a little more. (Check him out on Twitter.)

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Topic timestamps:

02:54 – 1. Intro with Fred
04:02 – 2. Rethinking the big agency model
09:15 – 3. We can do it all mindset. Digital vs. traditional
10:16 – 4. Big brand but multiple shops
11:51 – 5. Where do big shops turn - connecting the dots
16:52 – 6. Agency silos
17:29 – 7. Finding the idea guy on staff
19:50 – 8. Taxi. When too many is too much
21:41 – 9. Lot of hands = lot of handlers
25:14 – 10. The role of search consultants
28:54 – 11. Crowdsourcing
31:24 – 12. French agencies doing it right
33:20 – 13. Sweden! (And again -- props to Farfar, whose name we all forgot until the end.)
35:01 – 14. Improving the French ad scene
37:01 – 15. Other European work
37:58 – 16. France's digital drive
39:15 – 17. Every idea for itself
42:35 – 18. Can't we all just get along?
43:29 – 19. Raising Gen(eration) Tech
47:08 – 20. Bad questions, not bad solutions
48:28 – 21. Wrap-up and strategy planner roles
50:32 – 22. Final thoughts on Fred
54:20 – 23. Five mins with... Danny G.
58:30 – 23. That’s a wrap

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