Thursday, December 23, 2010

AdVerve 59: Psychedelic Curation Station

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Guillaume Decugis (@gdecugis) of joins us to talk about the curation age, what makes the HuffPo model “special,” protecting journalists while serving users’ desire to share, and Silicon Valley versus the French tech scene. (Email us for a invite: advervepodcast [at] gmail [dot] com.)

That’s a lot to cover in 30 25 minutes. Hold onto your hats, cowpokes.


Monday, December 13, 2010

AdVerve 58: How (Not...?) to Get Ravished at Tech Conferences.

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Aka, tech conference date rape. We had other things on our minds what with the wrapping of LeWeb 2010, but as often happens one big topic dominated the score: those whose hands traverse the endless expanse of your inert spinal cord after a watered-down cocktail or two. What to do? Do you out them? Or do you play it cool, like Sam L. Jackson?

Second big topic: we WikiLeak all over the place on why Julian Assange is both hero and villain.

That, and myriad little else, in another superfast 30-minute show. (Are you liking this BTW? WE GOTTA KNOW.)


- Google tech conference dating fun.
- Julian Assange doesn’t like to pay?


Monday, December 06, 2010

AdVerve 57: Putting the “Me” in Media

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And the I. That picture is the self-promotional Apocalypse, innit? Never have so many done so much with so little. We’re not hatin, we’ll take any endorsement deal. But ya gotta draw a line, no? Unless these three are just doing what we expect the rich and fabulous to do. NAMELY BE RICH AND FABULOUS.

Along the way we rail against the Man™ for not giving us the Super Funkadelic All-in-One Viewing Device so we never have to leave our couches. Angela dishes on her love as we go off on curators as the new... oh, and Justin Bieber’s manstache. We also try out a new shorter format. Think of it like AdVerve concentrate.

It’s got linkability too:

- Kevin Bacon’s Logitech Revue.
- La Senza bra choir.
- Michael Bay’s Secret.
- Kardashian Kredit Kard Kaput.

Monday, November 29, 2010

AdVerve 56 - Get Whirled with Joe Sabia.

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Joe Sabia of SF-based Whirled,  of Rockmelt demo vid, zombie speeding and Mad Men cigarette fame, joins us for some good clean all-natural fun. What’s the difference between Vimeo and YouTube? Why plug a manifesto? What makes Tumblr so awesome?

We get to the heart of what makes something catch an audience's eye, why mediocrity might not be so bad ... and why the internet may be the best thing that ever happened to really boring people. Also, Joe busts out the Morse Code chops. It's a riot in dots and dashes.

Monday, November 22, 2010

AdVerve 55: Tryptophan! Santabration! ...and Airport Frisks.

That yearly bacchanalia of peace on earth and goodwill to men.

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We get you in the holiday spirit with the curious origins of Thanksgiving and some pre-Christmas foreplay. Also, Bill manages to squeeze in a full-sized rant about the new TSA body scans while Angela tries desperately to reel the conversation back to tinseltown and the roots of the Christmas stocking. (Not what you learned in school! But probably even less true.)

We sorta do never quite do get around to making that “thankful” list. (Although Santa knows we tried.)

Also in the confession booth: the worst Christmas presents we ever got. Email us yours!


- The alleged origins of the Christmas stocking.
- Muslims Wearing Things.
- Full-body scanarama! A gift from a grateful nation.
- There used to be two Black Fridays.
- Deep-fried Thanksgoodness!
- Watch out for fire though.
- TSA scanner man.
- Battle: Los Angeles.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

AdVerve 54: Monster Media

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(Or right-click link to open in new window with controllable player.)

Culture journo Carolina Miranda (@cmonstah), the magnificent brains behind, WNYC's Gallerina and the Perfect City documentary, joins us for some high-meets-low culture fun and games. She chats us up about the scariest road in Peru, what she looks for in a would-be tourist attraction, the changing face of compensation and expectations for writers in the tech age, and journalism’s no-fly zone... if it even has one anymore.

Plenty of twists, turns and giggles along the way. Miss it at your inner wanderluster's peril.

Image from Carolina's photo diary: When Classicism Meets the Northern Peruvian Coast.

Linky do-dahs:
- Keith Olbermann gets a mini vaca.
- Carolina on the future of freelance journalism.
- Her Huffpo/Slate response. (Scroll down four or five comments.)
- More scary road fun.

Monday, November 08, 2010

AdVerve 53: Q to the A, Take 1

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Here’s something we might do every so often, particularly when the Almighty Internet seems to be burning with curiosity. This episode we took your questions. Any questions. All of them.

So here we tackle visa issues, what dream guest we’d have on (with no option of refusal), whether we need digital advertising, the drivers license test in Sweden, bullies, Cheez-Its versus Cheese Nips, whether the nature of the machine corrupts potentially good Presidents, if product placement has become the creeping Kudzu of all potentially cool things ... and why we don’t have a Facebook fan page. (Yet? Dunno.)

Also, we tell the one chocolate-peanut butter story you shouldn’t tell if you want to make friends at ad:tech.

It’s a marathon gamut. For next time, send us more of your questions.

Linky doo dahs:

- Whirled. That’s the agency that did “Every Cigarette Smoked in Mad Men.” (This is also the agency of Joe Sabia, who interrupted Angela on gchat mid-podcast with something to the effect of, “GIVE ME A SHOUT-OUT! YOU WON’T, YOU’T,” followed by what he promised would be a haiku but was actually just a bad joke. ;P WE LOVE YA JOE.)
- Humanoid robots rehearsing kiss scene.
- Interview with McDonald's head chef.
- French visa information for residents in or around San Francisco. (That’s where Angela started her process.) To live/work in France, contact your local French embassy, as all processes will vary by region.
- Donut cheeseburgers. That had nothing to do with anything, actually. We just had to share.


Monday, October 25, 2010

AdVerve 51: Ignoranima

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No guest this week, so we springboard in 58 different direction as we often like to do. We kick off with Maureen Dowd's article on how Sarah Palin makes ignorance chic, fertilizing the warm podcasty earth for the blossoms of debate: portrayals of women in power, patriotism and American governments/companies, fameballing on the coat-tails of Steve Jobs and all those goddamn strikes that are always happening everywhere (but especially in France).

We also steamroll our rage tractors into The Social Network, the Zuckerberg factor, and if Aaron Sorkin is man-biased.

Take that venty venti latté to go, kids. It's wild in this here West.

Wünderbar linkaroos:

- Making Ignorance Chic
- (...speaking of,) Chelsea Kate Isaacs tries repositioning self as drunk sexy vlogger. A new ego's born every minute, and this one's full-grown!
- Aaron Sorkin responds to Ken Levine's review of The Social Network, and assertions that it was misogynistic. (His response is in the comments and worth the read.)
- The Niqabitches

Saturday, October 16, 2010

AdVerve 50 - Evaporatively Cooling SocNets

Douglas Coupland, warning you about Street Map-infused dreams.

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Deb Wiseman (@wisey) of Media Monitors revisits us from Down Undah. We play 5 x 5 x 5 and explore such existential topicality as dystopic futurists spinning social media into a hell-bound handbasket, Australian do-overs (including this show, which we tried and failed to record two weeks ago), Gap's logo takeback, cyber bullying and out-of-closet suicides.

There's also a little bit of politicking and this whole evaporative cooling thing, deftly applied to Silicon Valley and then hippies.

Link badness:

- Douglas Coupland's Dictionary of the Near Future (NY Times)
- A Radical Pessimist's Guide to the Next 10 Years (Globe and Mail)
The Evaporative Cooling Effect
- Ben Elton's Blind Faith
- TwittaBling

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When Email Can Screw You! - @AdLawGuy Talks Shop

Not always, honey bunny.

In case you missed it, @adlawguy's advice from last week's e-newsy was "Don't Put It In Writing." It cites the one time in your creative career you should think twice before leaving a paper trail behind. The situation isn't as rare as you'd think, and it's good to keep in mind, especially in these creatively derivative times. :P (Former guest Joe La Pompe can talk to you all about that subject.)

A snippety-snip:
While most lawyers will rightly tell you to put everything in writing, there is one area in which you definitely want to think twice about leaving a paper trail.

When I get an email that says “We want to do a take-off on Star Wars, can we do it?”

My immediate response is "Not anymore."
Here's a copy of the newsletter if you want to read the rest. (You can also listen to guest Debbie Morello go into JOURNO RANT mode! It's our favourite state of being.)

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

AdVerve 49 - Immediacracy

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Everyone has access to any story – or do they? People want it right now more than they want it right — maybe. Photojournalist Debbi Morello adds a different perspective on those questions in what can be only called stream of consciousness media rant meets technology with a journalism chaser. Not since Esquire labeled The View’s Hot Topics “a mesmerizing ballet of passion and ignorance” has a show description been more apt. CAUTION: JOURNOS WILL CRINGE. We also check off life during wartime via Deb’s compelling lense.

– Angela is hanging out at MIPCOM.
– Huffington Post loses more free labor.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

AdVerve 48 - The Renegade Education Confessional

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Matt McDermott (@MMMcDermott) of Renegade, the Renegade Agency Confessional and the Baltimore Sun stops by to talk smack about the educational system. Along the way he tells a few hoary stories about his own experience teaching English at a hard-up Baltimore school. Solutions: we discuss them. It ain’t easy. And how does this apply to advertising? EVERYTHING APPLIES TO ADVERTISING, LADIES AND GENTS.

Worth catching: racial tensions, knife fights, and more irrational squid paranoia that leads nowhere but a higher decibel level.

Linkie winkies:

- Marlboro school uniforms.
- The analysis on Professor Ogbu's analysis of the "rich, black ... and flunking".
- Caustic Soda Podcast.
Matt from the doc Hard Times At Douglass High.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

AdVerve 47 - Edward Boches Deconstructs the Universe

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Of social, that is. Chief Creative Officer and Chief Social Media Officer at Mullen, Edward Boches talks Diaspora, that newfangled social node thing hell-bent on saving us from the privacy oblivion that is Facebook. But are we really that oblivious, or is it just the clueless ones that are all freaked out? You gotta KNOW THE CODE like those brassy twenty-somethings (whose women will selectively block access to your Foursquare Player Badge).

Traditional frameworks for social media, recreational activity, thinking about agencies, even for how our brains function are unraveling ... and we unravel right along with it.


Super Sad Love Story
– Mashable Jobs client on slave quest.
Creativity Unbound (Edward’s blog)
– @EdwardBoches

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

AdVerve 46 - Social in the South

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Who’s taking Alabama social? The same crowd that brought Little Debbie digital. Luckie & Co.’s David Griner (@griner,, joins us as we talk social in the Deep South, the meaning of transparency, various merits of Alabama, and why you shouldn't tease BP employees on vacation.

It’s a ride. A social southern ride.

Dale Peterson.
Dr Pepper Moms.
The Beach is Calling.
BP employee parody.
FedEx Al.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

AdVerve 45 – Digitally Speaking

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Kelly Eidson of Ad Age Gen Next fame, of I Need A New Job So I’m Going on a Job Trek fame, now of senior digital planner at Modea fame, joins us for a discussion on the still-there digital divide.

Sighs matter, because we again attack the issue of traditional vs. digital agencies and who gets a shot at the lion’s share of the work. Plus, we cover the skinny on agency life in Virginia vs. New York City, what defines "really good work" and what happens when a client finally decides to take that wild plunge with you.

We *may* have even taken a shot or two at account people. BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM. So sit back and download some digital love. OR download first and then sit back.

– Stayfree Ultra Thin fun!
– Carmichael Lynch/Harley-Davidson fun!


Friday, August 20, 2010

AdVerve 44 - That Movie Sucked

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By now you know we barely go an episode without mentioning a film we hated or loved, or both. Well, why not do a whole show on them then. Okay, so we did. They’re movies we liked which may have flown under the radar over time. Docs, fiction, whatever. WE GOT US SOME DIFFERENT TASTES IS ALL. Sit back and check out a list for the Netflix cue. If you hate ’em or love ’em, let us know. (And if it’s the former, we’re not giving you your money back.)

As it is a *list* show, we each threw down 10 titles, even though we could’ve easily come up with more. One we forget is pure art director porn called Ashes and Snow, narrated by Laurence ‘Don’t ever call him Larry’ Fishburne. Some say there’s no there, there. Others say it’s jaw-droppingly damn well worth it. Well, that’s why this stuff is subjective. (We include the links for all of them below as well as some we referenced in passing.)

Linkage (in order of show appearance):

American Tail.
Code 46
Moulan rouge.
Bob Roberts.
Almost Famous.
Thank You For Smoking.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
Our Brand is Crisis.
Goodbye Lenin.
City of Lost Children.
Lost in La Mancha.
Quick Change.
Talk to Her.
The Wrestler.
Roman Holiday.

Alt mentions:
Kevin Smith Prince story.
General interview.
Jason Reitman Kevin Pollack chat show.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

AdVerve 43 - Viralosity

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Everything you wanted to know about "virals." Josh Warner of seeding firm Feed Company joins us to talk about why a cool video isn’t enough to guarantee viralosity. You thinking backflipping into jeans and catching Ray-Bans with your face is enough? It takes magic. Or a really good integrated marketing plan. One of those.


Sunday, August 08, 2010

Newsy Bait: Tips on Pitch Protection

You're a small agency or a freelancer. You get invited to a pitch for a great potential client. You make your pitch; things went well but ultimately you don't get the business. Yet, six months later you realize the client is basically using your idea in its new campaign...
The Wheels of Capitalism™ are relentless in their turning, and if somebody -- say, a big corporation with many faces to hide behind -- can snatch something out from under you without paying, they're going to. That's the facts of life, and that's why learning how to cover your ass is so important.

One of the most oft-overlooked ways to cover the aforementioned extremity is pitch protection. It's easiest to forget when you're just starting out, and eager for an ear (any ear!).

In our latest newsletter, ad/marketing law attorney Michael McSunas (@adlawguy) of Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, PC gives you three ways of ensuring your idea pram doesn't get jacked in the pitch room. Give it a read. It's under the section labeled, "Hey, Ad Law Guy!" 

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*Actually, @adlawguy's articles are bimonthly. But all that other stuff? WEEKLY, KIDDIES.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

AdVerve 42 - Get Rich Blogging!

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What makes a good ad writer, or for that matter a good ad creative? David Burn of AdPulp fame joins us for riffs on why we’re all broke bloggers. That’s okay, we still have our pride (RIGHT?). Speaking of rig... writing, we ponder why good writin’ is so hard to find and why the Huff Post sucks.

Next stop: Detroit as we jump on car ads. Hey, don’t blame us—they came up with them. Then we question what it takes to sell out these days. Free pizza? $5 million dollars? A hug? Choices, choices.

That’s a lot of excitement for one show—you may need a nap.

00:00 – Why you blog
28:28 – It’s a small world after all
34:55 – Detroit and selling out
57:34 – Wrap


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

AdVerve 41 - Shark Attacks and Animorphs

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Media Monitors Strategic Community Manager and Oz native Deb Wiseman, a.k.a. @wisey joins us for an epic conversation spanning from social media analytics, to politicians' use of new media, to whether Australia is really the most dangerous place in the world to live.

Oh yeah, there is some amazing shapeshifter/animorphs action in there too. But we didn't tell you that; you discovered it for yourself. FAIL TO LISTEN AND YOU WILL NEVER LEARN THE SECRETS OF ANIMAL SPIRIT TRANSFER.

By the way, POLL TAHM!

Subscribe via Bill Green and Angela Natividad - AdVerve - AdVerve

00:00 – Advertising works, we believe!
21:03 – The lying liars
34:16 – Let’s go to Australia
46:26 – Mel’s torment redux
54:50 – Commercials killed the video star
01:00:43 – Sydney wildlife—get some!
01:12:01 – Stay off subways/Wrap


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

AdVerve 40 - Harry Webber Redux

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The Man™ is back. Turns out he was just getting started last time. Anybody spared? DON’T BLAME HARRY. It’s our fault because we put him up to it. Harry opens with a story about the origins of the CBS logo and the behind the scenes skullduggery. (Well, for advertising it’s skullduggery at least.) Then we hit up Apartment living, Crooklyn style, listen in on a few calls with friend of the show Mel Gibson.

Since Harry actually knows Mel, he confirms a few of the things you already suspect about him, plus a few you didn’t. Who’s next? Oh yeah. Two guys named Jobs & Gates. BP and Obama then get their asses handed to them, Denzel gets mad love as we break down religiosity in The Book of Eli.*

YOU WANT MORE? Oliver North even shows up.

Miss this episode at your own risky business.

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*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT. Haven’t seen the movie yet? Then skip past 50:27 and go right to 01:10:31.


00:00 – Intro/The CBS story
08:36 – Adterns
12:15 – Microsoft
27:01 – Mel Gibson and race ftw
37:33 – BP
40:23 – Obama’s turn
50:27 – The Book of Denzel
01:10:31 – Oliver North: domain typo king
01:19:21 – #saatchiLa
01:21:32 – Wrap

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

AdVerve 39 - Mel Torment

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Jazz singer puns aside, we’re back riffing like angry, hungry dogs surrounding a pile of cheese and steak. Helping out the cause this week is Mel Gibson. He’s far from the entire show, so fear not. 10 For 10 returns from a little hiatus as we chow down on Twilight Eclipse, Old Spice and Lindsay Lohan’s nails. We wrap with some buzzword fun, conference peeves and blatant Humongo Nation pluggage. Any more stuff than that and you need to subscribe to our newsletter... WHICH YOU SHOULD ALREADY BE SIGNED UP FOR. (SIDEBAR, RIGHT SIDE, DO IT NOW.)

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00:00 – Intro to Mel Hell
09:37 – 10 For 10
56:49 – Buzzwords and Humongo
01:04:09 – Wrap

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

AdVerve 38 - The Man Behind the Wheat Thins

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This week we hit you with guest Vinny Warren, Irish native and “international irritant” (per his Twit-tah). But you probably know him best for the creepy future-forward Wheat Thins thing he did with The Escape Pod, that wee little agency he calls home (blog).

Join us as we tackle The Escape Pod’s roots in practical joking, brands and listening, and - once and for all - which team is owning this World Cup thing. Vuvuzela talk? Not here. But damn, it was lying in the undercurrent.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adverve 37 - David on Demand.

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Now that Cannes is over, David Perez aka David on Demand, joins us for a look back at the experiment that was. HE GOT INK FOR YOU PEOPLE. In addition, we get into his role as creative recruiter for Leo Burnett in Chicago and what he looks for in job candidates. From there we hit where the industry is going relative to schools—not just them fancy learning places, but old and new in terms of vibe. Catch him on Twitter too.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

AdVerve 36 – Copycats

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Don’t pretend like you don’t know. ADS THAT HAVE BEEN DONE BEFORE. Like, the exact same ones before. Joe La Pompe from joins us for a discussion on twin ads: copycats or coincidences? This unfortunate yet inherent aspect of the advertising world is alive and well, trust. As if that weren’t enough, Åsk Wäppling, editor and publisher of (Dabitch on Twitter), joins us for un petite Wrap of Cannes. This all occurs amidst hotel lobby slash cafe madness. Madness which includes topics like anonymous bloggers (and why we’re not), Facebook and that smarty smart Mark fella, and life in Cannes come ad time.

Joe can be found on Twitter and also has a new book out called Nouveau? (Only available on Amazon in France at this time. American pubs, give him a shout.)

UPDATE: We asked friend of the show Michael McSunas (AdLawGuy on Twitter), to confirm a point we made regarding the posting of ads on blogs. He says:

“Ads are not in the public domain once they run - that is why ad agencies technically need the consent of the advertisers to put those ads on their websites. There is a fair use exception to copyright infringement which permits the use of copyrighted works for purposes of criticism, comment, news, scholarship and teaching BUT fair use is limited to showing/reproducing only as much as necessary to accomplish your purpose. There is basically no bright line rule - unfortunately.”

Basically, we’re both technically right and wrong in posting ads.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

AdVerve 35 – Moonwalking

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Some say we could rant forever. Walking on the...

No show is as topically diverse as this one. In the broader sense as well as this particular episode. If we had a tagline, well, it would simply be “Earning that explicit tag every day.” This week’s rantage is set to fully-automatic: Guns, MTV’s TJnistas, Moon clone sexy time, Dov love and crowdsourcing do not stand a chance. If you can *go there* we did. 

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00:00 – Intro, guns Crispin Glover’s Drunk History
06:50 – Crowd source ftw
35:40 – Moon clones
52:53 – MTV’s TJnista
01:01:49 – American Apparel
01:10:08 – Wrap

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

AdVerve 34 – Bob Knorpp saves the world

Play the show now.

As host of The Beancast, Bob Knorpp has had us both on a gajillion times, so we return the favor and let him go off on us. And journalists vs. bloggers. And Facebook vs. useless info. And a deeper look at his 3Six5 post that got a fair amount of attention, as well as Angela’s space travel. Do we want to spoil it and tell you about it? No. SO LISTEN NOW. And, we identified the show throughout as episode 33 when it’s really 34.

Bob on Twitter.

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00:00 – Intro > Bloggerism
00:24 – Bob’s 3six5 post
00:35 – Angela’s 3six5 post
00:40 – Fakebook
01:07 – Wrap!

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

AdVerve 33 – Harry Webber and The High King’s oil spill

Play the show now.

All kinds of magic this week, folks, and not the kind that requires a wand. We sit down with ad land myth-cum-legend Harry Webber and hash out The Facts of Life for ya: Agencies’ historical role as a government front, plus why Millennials are doomed, social media experts are full of shit, and BP will go back to business as usual.

Amidst all that, we still find the time to outline the iron hand of religion (and how we'll NEVER BE FREE), the most important thing Harry's learned in his working life, and what really made Michael Jackson bitter. (Hint: It wasn’t Jesus Juice jokes.)

Also, Harry really wants you to watch this movie. IT WILL EXPLAIN EVERYTHING. Catch him on Twitter too.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

AdVerve on Pause (Just This Week)

I (meaning Angela) am in Ibiza for an innovation conference and internet here is just the spottiest. My boss and I changed hotels three times in 24 hours because there wasn't any wifi available in our rooms.

At present we're at the ATZARO, where the conference is taking place. The 'net pretty much works when it wants to, and less so on Macs: a member of the staff told me they typically shut off access to Macs because the variety of Apple products - iPhones, iPads, laptops - wreaks havoc on the local connection. He kind of made a big show of saying he'd bend this rule just for us, but no, not really.

Our first day here, the mayor of Ibiza came up and said he wants people to think of Ibiza as a place for business, not just fun. Well, mayor, looks like there's a wide-open opportunity in paradise for a few business hotels.

I really shouldn't complain though. It is beautiful here. And to prove it to you, here is a picture of sun-drenched dry grass.

AdVerve will be back to its regularly scheduled programming, complete with Extra-Special Guest™, next weekerly.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AdVerve 32 - Steve Jobs' Civil War

Play the show now.

It would’ve felt right to also call it the A.D.D. edition because it’s all over the map topicwise. BUT WE MAKE IT WORK WITH COMMON THREADS. Who else can bridge Steven Jobs’ control freak with the Civil War? Not many. Not that many would try either. We then jump from that bridge into why boomers will never figure out Gen So What, then cap the party off with a look at how laughing out loud, well, it’s good for you AND the French. IT JUST IS.

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00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Tech meh
01:07 – Steve Jobs’ Civil War
09:49 – Heads are out
11:42 – Angela’s Diesel rant
19:26 – Art & Copy
22:20 – Kodak, Courtney & memes
30:50 – R.I.P. SNL
31:58 – That damn war
47:31 – Insecure, much?
53:12 – France isn’t happy enough
59:37 – Wrap

Send questions or comments to advervepodcast [at] gmail [dot] com. You can also leave a review.

*Correction: The good gentleman from Connecticut spoke with haste. It’s silver over copper plates, not aluminum.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

AdVerve - 31 - Monty Media

Aka, Social media + Scott Monty.

Play the show now.

Why not call it that? He’s Ford’s director of social media—they *should* name the damn thing after him. But we go beyond Twitter doncha’ kno, as we first delve into Sherlock Holmes. From there, it’s Detroit’s fascination with muscles per gallon, followed by why brands blow it when it comes to hiring for social media. (Okay, so we worked a *little* social in there. LOOK AT THE DAMN TITLE—IT’S WHAT WE DO.)

From there, we troubleshoot dealerships and the fun BP is having lately. Listen. Lather. Repeat. (Also find Scott on Twitter, Facebook and I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere.)

Subscribe via iTunes: Bill Green and Angela Natividad - AdVerve - AdVerve


00:00 – 1. Sherlock Holmes 101
12:13 – 2. Mr. Case Study
20:18 – 3. Twitterer wanted: Inquire within
29:11 – 4. Muscle Per Gallon
40:04 – 5. Let the people decide
47:09 – 6. Desktops, dashbords & iPads
50:40 – 7. Caution: Showroom ahead
54:44 – 8. Caution: PR crisis ahead
59:42 – 9. Wrap

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