Monday, November 08, 2010

AdVerve 53: Q to the A, Take 1

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Here’s something we might do every so often, particularly when the Almighty Internet seems to be burning with curiosity. This episode we took your questions. Any questions. All of them.

So here we tackle visa issues, what dream guest we’d have on (with no option of refusal), whether we need digital advertising, the drivers license test in Sweden, bullies, Cheez-Its versus Cheese Nips, whether the nature of the machine corrupts potentially good Presidents, if product placement has become the creeping Kudzu of all potentially cool things ... and why we don’t have a Facebook fan page. (Yet? Dunno.)

Also, we tell the one chocolate-peanut butter story you shouldn’t tell if you want to make friends at ad:tech.

It’s a marathon gamut. For next time, send us more of your questions.

Linky doo dahs:

- Whirled. That’s the agency that did “Every Cigarette Smoked in Mad Men.” (This is also the agency of Joe Sabia, who interrupted Angela on gchat mid-podcast with something to the effect of, “GIVE ME A SHOUT-OUT! YOU WON’T, YOU’T,” followed by what he promised would be a haiku but was actually just a bad joke. ;P WE LOVE YA JOE.)
- Humanoid robots rehearsing kiss scene.
- Interview with McDonald's head chef.
- French visa information for residents in or around San Francisco. (That’s where Angela started her process.) To live/work in France, contact your local French embassy, as all processes will vary by region.
- Donut cheeseburgers. That had nothing to do with anything, actually. We just had to share.