Wednesday, January 25, 2012

AdVerve Podcast #83: Scrapbooking Vampire TRUCK DRIVER

Gus gets Joe Sabia! 

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This AdVerve 'cast has been waiting so long to get out that we were cup-runneth-over with catch-up riffs! We tear the crap out of bad community management cases and people who interrupt your well-paid public diversion with their cell phones. (Who still uses ringtones?)

There's also mad catch-up on movies we watched between shows. Angela finally saw Biutiful, and Bill reveals which Spanish director he prefers. (It's not Almodovar, bitches.) Also, because you liked it so much the first time, we do another profiles segment! Like shootin' fish in a barrel, you say? We got a fish profile for you. There’s also some crazy scrapbookers and at least one vampire TRUCK DRIVER (all caps).


- Boner BBQ client burn. (Article's in French but the screenies are in English.) Read her Yelp review here.
- Jay-Z and Beyoncé want to explore the final frontier. Also, read about the overview effect.
- The call that stopped the New York Philharmonic. (And another virtuoso eff-you.)
- Alamo Drafthouse angry voicemail.
- 3D Printer for chocolate cupcakes! ...and concrete.
- Giancarlo Esposito talks to Breaking Bad fans on Reddit.
- Gay parents - the best parents?
- Making way for more width on transit.
- Girl transforms herself into Drake. (And transforms Drake into her in our minds forever after.)