Monday, March 14, 2011

AdVerve 68: Twitteropa

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It’s located somewhere between Utopia and SxSW. What are we on about this week? Things like... how pop culture is subtly changing as a result of technology, and even how changing technology has affected not only cartoon culture, but advertising and what we're being taught about human behaviour in entertainment. Take the animational revolution known as Pixar, which changed children's entertainment with Toy Story and as a result, entertainment itself. Cartoon life is now more intelligent than it ever was with complex values Buzz light years of your dad’s Acme anvil. The Incredibles, Megamind, Despicable Me and Up are cartoons that tell you that being a hero or villain means being fallible.

Of course at the other end of that spectrum, we also talk Jersey Shore.


- Chrysler tweet.
- FedEx tweet.
- Always remember: Cross at the green, and Aladdin before Toy Story.
- Speaking of: The Pixar Story doc.
- Sapient Nitro vending.