Wednesday, July 04, 2012

AdVerve 86 - The Wrap of Cannes

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We mighta outta shoulda called it The Rant After Cannes! It’s your extra spicy, extra ranty edition. SO ALL PAY HEED. We work in tech conference d-bags, the world of Cannes beaches (and oh yeah, agency who repped there), social startups vs. agencies, and enough discussion around local colloquial to make ya sick.
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AdVerve 85 - Lincoln Zombiefest

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You’ve waited long enough for the magic. WE’VE BEEN BUSY. For episode #85, guest, loyal listener and content manager Hal Thomas (@halthomas) joins us for a show that kicks off with vampires, detours through Pink Floyd and Pinterest’s new TOS, then finishes with whether Apple’s gonna do for TV what it did for mobile.

- This is Why The Internet Was Created - Hal et al’s pet project on Tumblr.
- Breathe & On the Run by Pink Floyd, and their Classic Album.
- Hal was a zombie.
- Pinterest’s Etiquette page

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