Wednesday, December 02, 2009

AdVerve - Episode 8 - The Angry Tech Edition

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We had a new “ism” show scheduled with Ad Broad, but thanks to Skype doing its thang, we had to bail. Instead, we went off the res to wherever recent topical topics we felt like destroying this week.

From French cinema to French nuclear drills. Pervy PSAs to White House party crashers. Yeah. We go there. So that also means due to the last-minute change, there’s no five minutes with... this episode. *cue sorrow*

Movie links mentioned in show include:

Erik Proulx’s Lemonade.
– The Concert.
Night Watch. (Russian vampire flick I couldn’t recall.)
Knocking vid & app. (Which Angela disconstructs more at her place.)
Tareq and Michaele Salahi Crashed My Party Facebook group.
– Dade County sex offender shuffle.

Topics by timestamp:

00:00 – 1. Intro tech rant
04:15 – 2. Little dogs—big dogs-little dogs
06:14 – 3. David Duchovny-sex addict
09:34 – 4. White House crashers and the cult of personality
12:22 – 5. Protests
17:24 – 6. Marriage—Get you some!
21:06 – 7. Lemonade and life lessons
27:30 – 8. Big Kmart / French shoppers
31:29 – 9. I need a name for people in aisles
33:16 – 10. Obsolete tech guy
35:01 – 11. Fame’s a bitch
45:56 – 12. Twilight, aka, Morman vampires
55:34 – 13. Knocking the Knock
01:00:14 – 14. That’s a wrap

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