Thursday, June 17, 2010

AdVerve 35 – Moonwalking

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Some say we could rant forever. Walking on the...

No show is as topically diverse as this one. In the broader sense as well as this particular episode. If we had a tagline, well, it would simply be “Earning that explicit tag every day.” This week’s rantage is set to fully-automatic: Guns, MTV’s TJnistas, Moon clone sexy time, Dov love and crowdsourcing do not stand a chance. If you can *go there* we did. 

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00:00 – Intro, guns Crispin Glover’s Drunk History
06:50 – Crowd source ftw
35:40 – Moon clones
52:53 – MTV’s TJnista
01:01:49 – American Apparel
01:10:08 – Wrap

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