Monday, October 29, 2012

AdVerve 89 - Zombieween Hangover

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We cover NT1’s zombie guerrilla campaign, candy corn Oreos, book vandalism and why Bill is sick of zombies and vampires. In keeping with Halloween, there’s also a horror films tangent — appropriately kicked off by Angela’s recent decision to watch Cabin in the Woods. (Epic.)
Linky loos:
Zombies attack Twitter users for NT1 and Walking Dead
- OPI’s horse-off
- Bill is obsessed with this political ad because he hates it.
Candy Corn Oreos! Angela loves these. Have you some.
- Bill is this, Angela is this. Good times!
Happy zombieween, kiddies.

Disclosure: since her blog post on the Walking Dead operation, social TV agency Darewin’s asked Angela to help spread word about the campaign internationally. She said yes because she thinks Darewin’s work is cool and merits more exposure. Just a heads-up!