Wednesday, March 31, 2010

AdVerve - 25 – Sexy time!

We didn’t intend to go where we did, WE JUST ENDED UP THERE IS ALL, OKY?. From Ricky Martin to fidelity in marriage (and Tiger Woods’ lack thereof), to copywriting jobs for adult film titles, no stone was left unturned this week.

Fear not, for some things we cover are SFW. Like Tim Burton and the idea of adapting classic books always pissing someone off. Oh, and because we have a thing for film, why do people always a foreign language in their native tongue perfectly, but just fake a bad accent? We tell you. Nobody else will, but we do. Find out why God hates people who yell during the quiet parts of songs. Oh, and we also invent a device to rid YouTube of shitty videos. (We’re looking for funding, so, email us on that.)

We also balance the narsty with the beautious, too. SO there.

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00:00 – 1. Accents in film
06:33 – 2. Tim Burton’s House of Adaptations
14:44 – 3. Tiger Woods House of fidelity
21:15 – 4. Something nice in YouTubetopia
26:08 – 5. Chatroulette guy
29:33 – 6. What’s next
34:45 – 7. Adult movie copywriter wanted
39:34 – 8. Just apologize already
41:31 – 9. We love the Ricky Martin
43:19 – 10. God loves concerts
44:49 – 11. The Shit YouTube Video Filter Thing
46:02 – 12. Ricky Martin, part II
48:35 – 13. Fidelitus Interuptus
49:51 – 14. Wrap

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