Friday, August 20, 2010

AdVerve 44 - That Movie Sucked

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By now you know we barely go an episode without mentioning a film we hated or loved, or both. Well, why not do a whole show on them then. Okay, so we did. They’re movies we liked which may have flown under the radar over time. Docs, fiction, whatever. WE GOT US SOME DIFFERENT TASTES IS ALL. Sit back and check out a list for the Netflix cue. If you hate ’em or love ’em, let us know. (And if it’s the former, we’re not giving you your money back.)

As it is a *list* show, we each threw down 10 titles, even though we could’ve easily come up with more. One we forget is pure art director porn called Ashes and Snow, narrated by Laurence ‘Don’t ever call him Larry’ Fishburne. Some say there’s no there, there. Others say it’s jaw-droppingly damn well worth it. Well, that’s why this stuff is subjective. (We include the links for all of them below as well as some we referenced in passing.)

Linkage (in order of show appearance):

American Tail.
Code 46
Moulan rouge.
Bob Roberts.
Almost Famous.
Thank You For Smoking.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
Our Brand is Crisis.
Goodbye Lenin.
City of Lost Children.
Lost in La Mancha.
Quick Change.
Talk to Her.
The Wrestler.
Roman Holiday.

Alt mentions:
Kevin Smith Prince story.
General interview.
Jason Reitman Kevin Pollack chat show.