Wednesday, July 14, 2010

AdVerve 39 - Mel Torment

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Jazz singer puns aside, we’re back riffing like angry, hungry dogs surrounding a pile of cheese and steak. Helping out the cause this week is Mel Gibson. He’s far from the entire show, so fear not. 10 For 10 returns from a little hiatus as we chow down on Twilight Eclipse, Old Spice and Lindsay Lohan’s nails. We wrap with some buzzword fun, conference peeves and blatant Humongo Nation pluggage. Any more stuff than that and you need to subscribe to our newsletter... WHICH YOU SHOULD ALREADY BE SIGNED UP FOR. (SIDEBAR, RIGHT SIDE, DO IT NOW.)

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00:00 – Intro to Mel Hell
09:37 – 10 For 10
56:49 – Buzzwords and Humongo
01:04:09 – Wrap

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