Wednesday, December 16, 2009

AdVerve - Episode 10 - The Jordan Kretchmer Show

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Interview time with co-founder of new social networking start-up LiveFyre Jordan Kretchmer. (Also of Current TV and Twitter RFP fame.) Pull up a pair of headphones as we talk about the sexy stuff -- including what went down behind the Twitter RFP -- and discuss the anatomy (pun!) of start-ups, YouTube losers and why creatives need to get out more.

(Find Jordan on Twitter.)

Topics by timestamp:

00:00 – 1. Intro
00:50 – 2. LiveFyre
28:24 – 3. Achangecy of the future
42:58 – 4. Editor in chief
50:07 – 5. Current TV & the  Twitter RFP
01:10:51 – 6. Final thoughts
01:16:26 – 7. Wrapping it up

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