Sunday, August 14, 2011

AdVerve 77: The Self-Interested Entertainment Purge

This would not work for monkeys.

Play the show now.

We breach hot social music solutions: Spotify, GrooveShark, Songify. Then it's a hard turn into licensing and piracy, dipping into the Netflix price hike, the true cost of content (if any) and Kevin Smith's latest (and last) directorial oeuvre (no more Chasing Amy for you). Angela squeezes in helpful facts about advertising to monkeys (sex and celebrity still sell) and lets loose on the unique qualities of ants. Bill wiggles in a vivid reflection on Tarantino and his Inglourious Basterds catharsis. It's an AdVerve ride like no other! Did we mention the hot eyepatch talk?

(Also, don't forget to ping Angela and force her to watch Big Lebowski.)

Link derbyshake:

- “When Advertising to Monkeys, Sex May Sell, Too
- @WeArePrimates
- Empire of the Ants by Bernard Werber (READ THIS SHIT)
- Kevin Smith and Wayne Gretsky
- Kevin Smith and Prince