Monday, October 29, 2012

AdVerve 89 - Zombieween Hangover

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We cover NT1’s zombie guerrilla campaign, candy corn Oreos, book vandalism and why Bill is sick of zombies and vampires. In keeping with Halloween, there’s also a horror films tangent — appropriately kicked off by Angela’s recent decision to watch Cabin in the Woods. (Epic.)
Linky loos:
Zombies attack Twitter users for NT1 and Walking Dead
- OPI’s horse-off
- Bill is obsessed with this political ad because he hates it.
Candy Corn Oreos! Angela loves these. Have you some.
- Bill is this, Angela is this. Good times!
Happy zombieween, kiddies.

Disclosure: since her blog post on the Walking Dead operation, social TV agency Darewin’s asked Angela to help spread word about the campaign internationally. She said yes because she thinks Darewin’s work is cool and merits more exposure. Just a heads-up!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

AdVerve 88 - Conversational Mileage + Spirit Animals

Mitt Romney's spirit animal.

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Your hosts with the most are back in a fresh and fruity new AdVerve. Angela attempts to impose new organization onto the show, and all goes horribly wrong as things derail and we drift into wild, weedy territory: themed weddings, connectomes and Einstein, tattoos, and — this was Bill's fault — the prospective superpets of Superheroes™. (We’ll let you guess who got stuck with the koi pond.) Recent ads, pop culture flubs and some good movies make it in there too.

Onto the good stuff:

Sunday, August 26, 2012

AdVerve 87 - AntiSocialising

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The Colorado theatre shooting, and mayhem in general, take center stage in this episode, along with more subtle forms of slaughter: Jim Henson’s moral cutting of the Chick-Fil-A cord, followed by the latter’s distortion of Jim Henson’s kids meal toys (photo above); NOAA’s mermaid debunking; Bill’s refusal to entertain speculations of android humanity; and Angela’s failure to make the Proust questionnaire stick past one question.

As always, we rehash films, make jokes we’ll be sorry about later, and take the twisty conversational turns you love to scream at alone in the car. All here, all yours, in AdVerve Podcast #87! Download that ear candy, kiddies, it’s good for you.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

AdVerve 86 - The Wrap of Cannes

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We mighta outta shoulda called it The Rant After Cannes! It’s your extra spicy, extra ranty edition. SO ALL PAY HEED. We work in tech conference d-bags, the world of Cannes beaches (and oh yeah, agency who repped there), social startups vs. agencies, and enough discussion around local colloquial to make ya sick.
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AdVerve 85 - Lincoln Zombiefest

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You’ve waited long enough for the magic. WE’VE BEEN BUSY. For episode #85, guest, loyal listener and content manager Hal Thomas (@halthomas) joins us for a show that kicks off with vampires, detours through Pink Floyd and Pinterest’s new TOS, then finishes with whether Apple’s gonna do for TV what it did for mobile.

- This is Why The Internet Was Created - Hal et al’s pet project on Tumblr.
- Breathe & On the Run by Pink Floyd, and their Classic Album.
- Hal was a zombie.
- Pinterest’s Etiquette page

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Monday, March 05, 2012

AdVerve Podcast #84: DisPinterested

But will it print you a dream...?

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Get your rage rant about social media lunacy, whether there's a point to Pinterest and Bill's latest discovery: We take on pirates and breach Kevin Smith's reality TV series Comic Book Men and Angela talks about the Pirate Bay's new project: 3D Printing! Never buy a pair of Air Jordans again, not when you can make your own and fill that shit in with a Sharpie.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

AdVerve Podcast #83: Scrapbooking Vampire TRUCK DRIVER

Gus gets Joe Sabia! 

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This AdVerve 'cast has been waiting so long to get out that we were cup-runneth-over with catch-up riffs! We tear the crap out of bad community management cases and people who interrupt your well-paid public diversion with their cell phones. (Who still uses ringtones?)

There's also mad catch-up on movies we watched between shows. Angela finally saw Biutiful, and Bill reveals which Spanish director he prefers. (It's not Almodovar, bitches.) Also, because you liked it so much the first time, we do another profiles segment! Like shootin' fish in a barrel, you say? We got a fish profile for you. There’s also some crazy scrapbookers and at least one vampire TRUCK DRIVER (all caps).


- Boner BBQ client burn. (Article's in French but the screenies are in English.) Read her Yelp review here.
- Jay-Z and Beyoncé want to explore the final frontier. Also, read about the overview effect.
- The call that stopped the New York Philharmonic. (And another virtuoso eff-you.)
- Alamo Drafthouse angry voicemail.
- 3D Printer for chocolate cupcakes! ...and concrete.
- Giancarlo Esposito talks to Breaking Bad fans on Reddit.
- Gay parents - the best parents?
- Making way for more width on transit.
- Girl transforms herself into Drake. (And transforms Drake into her in our minds forever after.)