Wednesday, January 27, 2010

AdVerve - Episode 16 - Life After Social Media Snake Oil

To parasteal from Bono, Joseph Jaffe stole the :30 spot — we’re stealin’ it back.

It’s been almost five years since he pissed off people in Ad Land™ talking about Life After The :30 Spot; we look back to see what still holds up.

Supporting that theme is this idea of the social-media-as-snake-oil bias still prevalent in advertising circles. If you were among those that the Chief Interruptor (at crayon, in turn acquired by Power) disrupted, listen close: what's really in question is the advertising model in general. We also manage to get in a few shots at Facebook, Walmart and the Stupor Bowl mindset.

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00:00 – 1. Intro - Blahg, blahg, blagh—a brief history of time
14:15 – 2. Social media snake oil
26:58 – 3. Life After The :30 Spot—5 years later & the death of TV
40:35 – 4. Media, freaking
47:00 – 5. Nobody doesn’t like free.
50:23 – 6. Branding disconnect
56:18 – 7. The Stupor Bowl Effect™
1:12:36 – 8. Disrupt that shit
1:17:28 – 9. That’s a wrap

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