Monday, October 12, 2009

AdVerve - Episode 1 - Race and advertising

It’s the topic of our first podcast and it’s a lengthy one for several reasons. Angela and I found a few hours last week to talk with Hadji Williams, ad creative and author of Knock The Hustle. We wanted to give voice to the things many say in comments on diversity articles but are shouted down over. When the only ones doing the talking are giving speeches saying there’s no “there” there, it’s time for a different take. There are a lot of contributing factors that make this issue something that won’t be solved by a Facebook group alone. Apart from the Madison Avenue Project by Washington attorney Cyrus Mehri, there are issues of cultural cluelessness in the actual work itself, the feeding of talent into the pipeline and the involvement of brands.

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00:00 – 1. Intro
03:25 – 2. 3 For 3
28:35 – 3. Five Minutes With... Kelly Eidson
33:50 – 4. Smaller is better
41:53 – 5. Kevin Smith’s Customer Service-O-Rama
1:02:41 – 6. Promo whores
1:03:07 – 7. Ice cream tipping etiquette
1:11:34 – 8. That’s a wrap...


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